Doesn't Man's Best Friend Deserve More than Life on a Chain?

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Educational Activity - Q&A

The following questions will help students get started in analyzing the photographs.

Page 1, Photo 1: Does that chain look light or heavy? Do you think the dog is comfortable with the chain around his neck? Do you see any grass in the photo? What do you think happened to the grass? Would it be difficult for you to run and play if you had a chain like that tied around your neck?

Page 1, Photo 2: Do you this mother dog and her puppy look happy? What are they living inside? Does the area look safe or dangerous? Comfortable? Why? Do you think they stay dry when it is raining and warm when it is cold? If the puppy were to run away or get hurt, would her mother be able to reach her?

Page 2, Photo 1: Can you tell what the weather has been doing? What do you think the inside of that doghouse is like? Where would this dog be more comfortable when it is raining and muddy outside?

Page 2, Photo 2: What do these dogs have for doghouses? Does the area look safe or unsafe, clean or unclean? How much room do the dogs have to move around? Does it look like the dogs can play together?

Page 3, Photo1: Why is there a hole next to the dog? Do you see a doghouse in the photo? Where do you think this dog sleeps? Where does he go when it rains or is cold? What do you think it would be like to sleep outside in the rain or snow?

Page 3, Photo 2: Why is this dog so thin? How often should you feed a dog? Do you like to eat every day or just a few days a week?

Page 4, Photo 1: How do you think these dogs are feeling? Why? Do you like to run around and play outside with your friends?

Page 4, Photo 2: How do you think these dogs and kids are feeling? Why? Do you think the dogs like being hugged? Do you like being hugged? What do the kids have in their hands? Why?

Page 5, Photo 1: What are these dogs doing? Do you think dogs like going on walks? Why? Where could you take your dog on a walk?

Page 5, Photo 2: Do the people look like they are having fun walking their dogs? Is walking a healthy activity for people? Why?

Page 5, Photo 3: What is this puppy doing? Why would a dog enjoy having it's own door? Is it convenient for the people to have a dog door?

Page 5, Photo 4: What is this dog doing? Do you think he likes getting a treat to eat? What kind of treats do you like to eat? What kind of treat could you give your dog?

Page 6, Photo 1: What are these dogs doing? Do you think dogs like playing with each other? Do they like playing with people? What kind of toys do dogs like to play with? Would you get bored if you didn't have any toys to play with?

Page 6, Photo 2: What is this dog doing? Where is he? Does that look like a  comfortable place to sleep? Why? Would the dog be comfortable there if it were hot or cold or raining or snowing? What else do you see in the photo?


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