Doesn't Man's Best Friend Deserve More than Life on a Chain?

20 Ways to Help

Adopt a Rescued Dog

Build Fences

Care for & Train Dogs

Donate Money

Educate Kids

Find Homes

Get Handouts & Stuff

Learn the Facts

Pass Laws

Stop Dogfighting

Talk to Owners

Watch Celebrity PSAs:


Watch Chaining PowerPoint




These organizations assist people who are interested in improving the lives of chained dogs (and many other animal issues).

National Anti-Chaining Sites


Other National Organizations


Breed-Specific Help

While dogs of all breeds can be found at the end of a chain, some breeds are more likely to be chained than others. Following are some sites that can advise you on rescuing these breeds.

You can do a keyword search for the breed you are looking for and the word "rescue." For example,  "Dalmatian rescue" or "Great Dane rescue." You can also add a region such as "pit bull rescue Tennessee" or "husky rescue Chicago".

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