Doesn't Man's Best Friend Deserve More than Life on a Chain?  

Instead of being my
prison guard,
won't you be my friend?

You can keep my BODY alive with just food.

To keep my SPIRIT alive, I need love & exercise!

 I'm a pack animal.
I want to be with my pack: YOU!

I deserve more than being a prisoner in your backyard.
Please give me some freedom!

20 Ways to Help

Adopt a Rescued Dog

Build Fences

Care for & Train Dogs

Donate Money

Educate Kids

Find Homes for Rescued Dogs

Get Handouts & Merchandise

Learn the Facts

Pass Laws

Stop Dogfighting

Talk to Chained Dog Owners

Watch Celebrity PSAs:


Watch Chaining Presentation

Room to Run: Priceless




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Guard Dog, from Mutts comic strip. Used with permission.

Read a Chained Dog's Story and the inspiring stories of Gus and Cuddles, who were rescued from chains.